And so it was Christmas, but were you present for it?
I am writing you VERY deliberately this newsletter a day late.Yeppers, this I am. 
And why you may ask. 

Why not just let the holiday go by and not email if I am going to be late to the party in your inbox of Christmas tidings and well wishes?

Well, you see. 

Sometimes being late is just what is needed. As I sat yesterday with my family ( and I share my 6am video intimacy with you below) I came to realize that your inbox was
getting filled up with messages, just like your phone was getting texted a bundle of
joyful thoughts as well.

And as I sat there, in front of my fire, watching my munchkins dig into their stockings,
I pondered popping in with everyone else and wishing you a Merry Christmas with
some enlightened thought.
And then, then I went F-ck It!
My message will have better impact 24 hours later. 
And so here I am. 
I chose to keep my laptop closed on Christmas. 
I chose to ignore my phone on Christmas. 
I chose to ignore Facebook and all social media on Christmas. 
I did not share after my 6am post anything. 
Not even pics for grandparents.

Oh well. 

Christmas did not blow up. 

The world kept turning and my kids were ecstatic at my presence.
Matter a fact, my kids had made their request of just them and myself for Christmas
morning. No extra’s. As I usually have peep’s popping by on holidays. I am the house
where everyone ends up at some point.

Open hearts – open door’s and good food and drink.
Laughs help too. 🙂

But my 7 babies wanted mom to themselves and wanted breakfast family style. 
So that is what we did.It was wonderful and made Christmas perfect.
Now later in the day, a few extra’s did find their way over. 
My heart went out and I needed to support the one’s I love outside of my children. 
So we laughed, we ate, we drank and we had a massive effing nerf war! 
Followed with more laughs and many rounds of a fun game called spoon’s.
Again, the blessings of the day. 
The laughs. 
The joy. 
It’s what, in my opinion matters. 
The smiles on my loved one’s faces and the joy in all of our hearts.
Moments like this should not just happen during the holidays though. 
They should not be reserved for some “special” event. 
They should be daily. 
Weekly if nothing else. 
and the smiles should be flowing.

So I ask you this sweet one…. 

What was your holiday feeling? 
What moment captivated you the most? 
What was the “gift” of Christmas 2018 that you will keep with you?

Mine was the joy in my home. The connection of my family.
And it all happened because I decided to give the best gift I could, 

Many blessings to you a day late and forever more. 
As always, 

Stop Existing & Start Living
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