Stop being a basic b*tch in your limited thinking, showing up and all that whining that you are doing!

Seriously, it is never going to get you anywhere to just sit around and talk about it.
Sitting there and chit chatting with your friends about what you need to do,
complaining about your suffering,
your pain,
your frustration.
All the wrongs of this world and how you wish you had more of this or that,
but then NEVER effing do anything to change your experience,
is NEVER going to get you there!
I know that you are scared.
I know that you have fears and doubts.
I know that you are worried about so many things.
“What if I succeed and actually achieve that goal, that relationship, let loose and have that mind blowing sex, find my soulmate, make that million dollars?”
Yeah I get it.
We have just as much fear around our success as we do around our failure.
And this is the issue that you are having.
This is the DAMN THING that is holding you back,
keeping you stuck.
Giving you all those amazing reasons as to WHY you cannot take that step.
Why you cannot afford to leap.
Why you cannot take the time or find the focus.
The motivation.
Yeah I know.
You are sitting there being a basic b*tch moaning and complaining about all the stuff you have on your responsibility plate to deal with.
How can I be harping on you?  If I  just understood where you were coming from.
If i knew your struggles.
Then I would get why you sit there in that basic b*tch mindset.
Because your struggle is real.
And BABY I know that your struggle is real.
It is because you SAY IT IS REAL.
You are making it so beautiful!
You know what you SHOULD ( and I hardly ever say should) be worried about?
You should be more concerned about the what if I DO NOT EVEN TRY…..
What about that one BABY.
Because in your fear of not succeeding.
Your fear of succeeding,
and whatever other fears you may be holding on too.
You hold yourself back.
The ONLY effing one you should be concerned about is what you are guilty of doing.
Let’s be honest.
Let’s be real,
let’s get very clear.
Up close,
in your face and effing personal now.
You know I love you right?
I may not know you personally but I love my tribe,
and if you are reading this,
if you follow me,
then you are my tribe.
And I want YOU to succeed.
I question sometimes if YOU want YOU to succeed though.
Because it feels like you are expecting success to come through in some osmosis fashion.
Like just by reading and following me you will go from where you are at to your dream state.
With no action needed.
And sure strangers things have happened.
And you most certainly can listen and change your thoughts a bit and reap some rewards,
but they will be microscopic if you keep acting like this basic b*tch who never gets the f-ck out of your own damn way and takes some effing action.
Oh beautiful,
there is so much on the table at stake here.
Maybe you do not see it.
Maybe its really just not that important to you,
but I believe that you are just blinded by your fear.
You are caught up in all the NOT HAVING that you have going on and ALLOWING THAT to be your norm.
But baby,
it does not have to be this way.

5 Step’s To Let Go Of Your Basic B*tch Mindset:

1). Your dreams and goals are NOT special! There I said it. They are not special beautiful. It is not even that big of a deal, yet you tend to make so much out of it. You make it sound like you have to go earn them, that you have to become worthy of them when in fact all you have to do is -CHOOSE! Yeah just make an effing decision and then get this — DO IT!
2). I love that you are doing the journaling, the meditating and the speaking it into creation stuff. That is AMAZING but the reality is that all the journaling in the world without you actually applying some ACTION to your dreams and goals will result in NOTHING happening. So the tip here is JUST DO THE DAMN THING! Stop procrastinating on taking the action, stop giving the reasons and excuses, no matter how great they are and DO THE DAMN THING! Nothing is going to manifest out of the thin air without you taking action BABY. And thinking and talking about doing the damn thing DOES NOT COUNT!!!!!! Got it? Good!
3). Stop using your ” I don’t FEEL like it.” as an effing reason to NOT step fully into being who you are and achieving your goals. I have heard you say so much, the cosmos has me off, my hormones are messed up, I am tired, I am not feeling creative, I am not feeling in the flow, I am blank, It’s too much of an emotional time for me right now. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Tell me something new please. Your goals and dreams don’t f-cking care what star you were born under!
4). Follow you SOUL GPS! What am I speaking of here? Well I am pretty sure you enjoy ease and and you like things to just come your way without much work, right? You can have more of that VIBE if you would just listen to your gut. Your intuitions and follow more of what you are called too instead of ignoring or trying to logically side step it all the time. Follow your SOUL GPS and get ready to see some miracles happen!
5). Choose what pill you want to take! remember in the movie the Matrix where Neo is offered a blue or a red pill? He has to make choice. The same thing is true for you beautiful. You tend to get stuck in procrastination and this is not going to get you anywhere. You need to decide which pill you are going to swallow and then you have to swallow the damn pill to see the results that you are wanting. It is time that you stop turning your back on the things that you have been avoiding and just do the damn thing that you have been avoiding the most. Until you do this thing, you will have limited to no success in any other area of your life.
And there you have it BABE.
Some SIMPLE steps to Let Go of Your Basic B*tch Mindset. Now all you have to do is accept that you are in charge of your life and CLAIM IT!!!
As Always,
Stop Existing & Start Living
“Coaching for Grown A*s Believers”
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