I’m so glad you’re here!

Make sure to READ or LISTEN to this Entire Section Before Your Call!!


If you’ve landed here it means you’ve just filled out
an application for my Authentic Mating & Dating Intensive group coaching
program and booked your appointment.

Now, you already know that this program is exclusively for
highly committed single’s who want to regain their worthiness and call in the love of their life, using my proprietary process, The KW Method.

The KW Method is the “secret sauce” to the
most happy and successful online and off line daters and it’s ONLY
available inside my Authentic Mating & Dating Intensive program.

You’ve probably heard about some of my success stories
and are anxious to get your love & sex life activated and aligned quickly so that you can get off the
dating roller coaster…for good.

Some of the things that makes my program stand out are that it’s unique combination of understanding the sexes, profile design, and mindset training are actually designed for the singles 40+ who are frustrated and lost in the modern dating and relating world, and want to engage with potential love interests authentically instead of playing games.

If you already have been out there on dating apps and going to meetups, then you know
how DIFFICULT it can be to AUTHENTICALLY connect with someone that you really find aligned.

Right now, you might be experiencing dates that are all
over the place.

One date your thinking they are pretty cool but then find out how wounded they are and the next date they are seeming really genuine but there is no real chemistry.

…that’s a serious problem and it indicates that your
strategy is NOT working.

The KW Method is so effective because it
enables single’s 40+ to get consistent, real, aligned and connected dates AND to gain clarity and ease in how to know if someone is right for them or not.

You’ve probably heard sensational headlines like: “My
client’s find their soulmate in 12 weeks.”

That’s all well and good, but HOW LONG and HAPPY are they?
The reality is most people teaching mating, dating & relating have no idea
how to actually build a strong relationship container with integrity.

I mean, if you get serious about someone and then a year from now figure out all the deal breakers but have overcommitted yourself then you’ll be dealing with heartache and drama.


The singles 40+ who implement The KW
Method have a more successful, joyous and aligned dating experience plus understand the relationship and love dynamics over

It’s not just a flash in the pan. You’ll be using my
methodology to BUILD and CALL in a real soulmate relationship.

What you might not know is that I DO NOT have room in
my program to accept everyone who applies.

Below I’m going to go over three specific things that
you need to be committed to before your call.

I want you to read this all the way to the end.

If you do not read this entire page before the time of your
appointment, we will have to cancel your interview.

This is serious, so please listen carefully.


You’re probably wondering if Authentic Mating & Dating Intensive is a good

You might even be feeling a little nervous or apprehensive
because you really want to create a love story that can be a life story with that special someone, but you’re worried you might not have the
time or money to do it.

Let me be clear.

The KW Method that you’ll be implementing
inside Authentic Mating & Dating Intensive, if we decide to extend an
invitation to you, is designed to FREE UP your time and
INCREASE your ideal matches.

So, if you have LOADS of time right now to date ton’s of people and are
swimming in PILES of perfect matches, but can’t decide which is “the one.” – don’t join.

This program is designed for people who DON’T HAVE

My clients joined Authentic Mating & Dating Intensive because they WANT to
value their time and identify through an approach of authentic, integrity based dating and relating a lasting love based relationship.


My team and I are committed to providing our full attention
to our clients, which requires us to limit the number of
people we are accepting into Authentic Mating & Dating Intensive right now.

We are very busy helping clients who have already 100%
committed to getting results, which means we have to be
extremely picky about who we let into Authentic Mating & Dating Intensive.

To put this in perspective, on average we ONLY extend an
invitation to 17% of our applicants.

I’m telling you this now because I don’t want you to be
caught off guard if on our call you’ve booked your
appointment for, it is determined we’re not a fit and I DON’T
offer you a spot in the program.

I am looking for  singles 40+ who are DECISIVE and
ready to take action quickly when it comes to finding the love of their life.

My clients know the ONLY thing they need to be
committed to is getting results. It’s NOT your job to figure
out the how. That’s my job. I give you the plan. The only
thing you are responsible for is following the plan and (of
course) asking for help if you need it.

The only thing you need to get clear on is…do you want to reclaim your worthiness and find the love of your life once and for all?

It’s a simple yes or no decision.

Slow movers who just like to sit around and complain that
their love life isn’t where they want it to be who NEVER
actually have ANY intention of DOING something about it
hurt the community and I do not want them inside.

In fact, if you are invited to join, I’m going to be watching
you closely the first month.

If it’s clear you joined just so you can tell everyone you’re
IN Authentic Mating & Dating Intensive and NOT because you are committed
to actually doing the work, we’re going to kick you out of
the program right away.

Again, I’m not doing this to be mean. My clients have
invested a substantial amount of time and money with me
and I take that commitment very seriously.

I go all in with my clients and will do what it takes to
protect the community.


If you are coming on this call because you MIGHT want to
join 3 months from now, don’t bother.

We only want you to book a call if you WANT to make this
a priority right now…NOT 3 months from now.

I can’t force you to do what’s best for your love life and
make a commitment to regain your worthiness and understand the modern mating & dating world, or make it

THE NUMBER ONE PRIORITY for you right now.

I have a limited number of time spots available and it’s
not fair to everyone else who is trying to join Authentic Mating & Dating Intensive, to take their opportunity away simply because you
wanted to chit chat.

If you are NOT serious about regaining your worthiness and finding  the love of your life and
actually like being stuck, please reply to your call
confirmation email and cancel the call immediately.

However, if you have a strong desire to make reclaiming your worthiness and finding the love of your life a priority RIGHT NOW so you can have
MORE joy and MORE deeper, lasting connection…you are in the right

So, look forward to our call, I can’t wait to talk to you! 🙂