“The Ashtanga Hridayam, one of the ancient ayurvedic texts, tells us that bathing improves sleep, appetite, sexual vigor, life span, and enthusiasm.”

In India, bathing represents a cleansing not only of the physical body but also of the spiritual self. Many purification rituals are associated with bathing; it is believed that ritual bathing in the waters of the Ganges River will purify the soul. In the simple ayurvedic context, a bath taken in the morning following self-massage is likened to bathing in the Ganges.

In addition to cleansing body and spirit, bathing is also associated with numerous other benefits to the mind and body. The Ashtanga Hridayam, one of the ancient ayurvedic texts, tells us that bathing improves sleep, appetite, sexual vigor, life span, and enthusiasm. The royal queens and princesses in ancient India were bathed in milk and fresh herbs to moisturize their skin until it glowed. To this day in India, special ingredients are stirred into a hot bath to customize it for dosha, time of year, or other considerations. For example, in the north, mustard is added to bath water in the winter months for a warm dip that balances kapha dosha, which can become aggravated in the late winter and early spring.

Bathing rituals are also believed to significantly impact health, especially over the long term. For example, warm water is believed to strengthen the body, while the face and head should be rinsed in cool water, as this is the area that naturally releases heat. Applying hot water to the head is believed to disturb the release of heat from the crown, thereby weakening the hair roots and encouraging emotional irritability and “hot-headedness.” So while you can relax in a warm shower or bath, remember to wash your hair and face with cool water. — Yoga International, BY Reenita Malhotra Hora

Are You Looking For A Way to Arouse Your Senses, Cleanse Your Aura and Ignite Your Life Expression?
Tantra is the art of weaving all of life together in seeing the divinity in all things. Especially the body! Tantra is a highly ritualistic life expression and thus the reason why such rituals as the Spring Cleanse Ceremony is vital to one’s whole being transformation and awareness.

The Tantric Spring Cleanse is such an important ceremony due to the Tantra belief that the body is a sacred temple. This is why it is treated with such reverence and honor in all things. It is this belief that is the foundation of why tantric touch is the most encompassing, leaving no part of the body untouched if even in the smallest fashion. Through presence, adoration, and respect we can align with bliss. Tantra teaches us that the body is not to be ignored but, instead is a vital aspect to the life experience and through embracing its desires we can further understand our soul and set our spirits free so that we can transform and expand into our highest possible good.

The bathing ceremony is linked to washing away illusions of the ego. We are all divine beings and symbolically in the tantric bath ceremony, all illusion is washed away and removed allowing us to enter into a new life where we can open to great opportunities that we choose to call into manifestation in the ceremony. The reverence and respect used in this sensual session is a way of treating you as a divine being. This is truly a holy experience and when it is followed by a tantric massage, you will find yourself embracing your highest and truest nature.

Such ceremonies can be used to deepen intimacy, heighten experience and awareness, detoxify the whole being through the uses of ayurveda as well as awaken the soul through the internal processing work and experiential exercises that are done. This is a must do experience for anyone desiring spiritual growth that will encompass every level of their being.

If that is not luscious enough for you…

This Annual Spring Special blends with it my highly acclaimed signature Tantric Integration Tantra Session that is deeply arousing to the energy body and senses. Creating a space for you to relax into your refreshed state of emotional, spiritual, mental and physical well-being.

Assisting in the full integration of the bathing ceremony through stimulating tantric touch blended with quantum integration and breath work.
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*From the book: Inner Beauty by Reenita Malhotra Hora, ©2005. visit at www.ChronicleBooks.com.


Things To Know:

Cost for Tantric Bathing Ceremony & Integration is $649 for this 2-hour private session.
$200 non-refundable booking fee that must be paid in advance to schedule your session and will be deducted from total. Total must be paid 48 hours prior to your scheduled session.
All sessions are done in Frisco, Texas.
All new clients must do a free discovery call and fill out new client application prior to booking, consults are not required for this holiday session.
*This session is for healing purposes only and to rejuvenate energy, align chakras. In tantra we work “with” sexual energy (your second chakra) however that does not mean sexual touch. **I do not do lingam or yoni massages**, I work with the energy body, quantum world and the physical release of trauma blockages in the body.
*All bathing ceremonies can be full reveal (nude) or they can be done in under garments or swim wear. This is left to your comfort.

Only 10 Session Spot’s Open for this Amazing Experience!

What Peep’s Are Saying About KW Coaching

“Holy f-ck! what a game changing experience. I have not felt that sort of support, unconditional love and turn on to life ever. Rene’ is one powerful practitioner.” – James B. Highland Park Dallas

” Deeply moving experience.” – Terrance James, Ft. Worth TX

“I felt everything. I mean I felt all my emotions as we went through the session. It was orgasmic for sure, but it was more about meeting myself in some strange way.” – Madaline Gray, Las Vegas NV

“Magical about covers it! I don’t know how she does that stuff but it works and is amazing.” – Joe Smitt

“Can’t wait till next year. This was my third bathing ceremony with Rene’ and every year it sets the stage for what I am going to manifest. I clear the sabotaging blocks and claim what I want in this two-hours.” – Eli Knight, Austin Texas

“I cried like a baby! Such a powerful release of what I have been holding back on and what has been holding me back. ” – Joan McDonald

“I signed up for this session thinking it was going to be arousing sexually, fun and I might get touched intimately. Well, I was touched intimately, but it was my heart and soul not my body. I was aroused for a month to follow, and my turn on was like she says, “about life.” I never knew that was possible. This was a game changing event for me.” – Micheal P.