I am in gratitude that you chose to explore your self-esteem and how it impacts your sex. This topic is one that I personally struggled with for many years and  had to get real with myself on.

What I mean by that is, I had to become aware that my self-esteem was nothing more than sex-esteem and I was riding all my worth on making my partner happy and telling myself what a good partner I was for giving myself like this. I felt like I was good at sex and never had an issue attracting compliments from men so in this area of life I had my “stuff” together.

The issue however was that I allowed my partner to do with my body what he wanted, when he wanted. I hardly orgasmed. I often found myself with after sex blues and anger, feeling used and unloved.  When I started to become conscious of how I was doing this to myself and in truth how I had poor self-esteem overall I started to look at what I could do to improve my self-esteem and start loving myself, not just being a sex object.

In this empowerment series I will share with you the five areas that I have discovered that we typically use our sex as a false self-esteem and give you my personal exercises and tips as to how to transform your sex-esteem into true self-worth, love and esteem.

What you get in this life changing mini course:

  • 3 Video Training’s
  • 6 Worksheets to help you discover your true self-esteem
  • 10 Self-Esteem Exercises that I use with my VIP Coaching Clients
  • Supportive Resource Article
  • Number 1 Key to a Life of Bliss Publication

This course normally retails for $149.


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