We understand that sometimes things happen in life that are unexpected and mean that we cannot fulfill the commitments made. In order to address these events, we have established the below refund policy for ALL KW Coaching Sessions and Programs, events, seminars, VIP days, retreats (unless otherwise stated).

*If cancellation happens prior to Early Bird registration ending clients will receive refund of full amount minus a 20% holding fee of event amount.

*If registration happens after Early Bird registration has ended or event is closed refund will be full amount minus 50%.  Since your spot had been held till closing of event or after early bird chances of finding new participants are slim. Please understand that in order for us to be able to offer low-cost group events participants need to fulfill their commitment or allow for proper time to find a new participant to replace their spot.

*If cancelation happens within 5 days of event there is 35% hold, within 48 hours of event there is 50% hold.

**There are NO refunds or transfers for no show to an event or for cancelation within 36 hours of event. I am sure that if you got a ticket to American Airline Center for a concert and then you could not make the event you would never expect them to credit you or refund your ticket cost because you choose not to come. The same applies here. Thank you for your understanding on this matter. No-showing and event is forfeiture of your registration fee.

Want to save your whole amount without penalties? Here is how….

*All In Person KW Workshop fee’s can be transferred to a friend as a gift or attendance fee’s can be rolled to a new event or events hosted by KW Coaching. (Unless otherwise stated) Please check with KW to make sure before you transfer. This way you know you are with a supported event.

*All KW Coaching Workshop fee’s are not transferable to coaching programs.

*There are no refunds for online/Facebook Live Courses.

*There are no refunds for KW Coaching Masterminds.

*All KW Coaching Clients who have decided to terminate their work with Rene’ forfeit their coaching, integration work and/or program fee’s fully. We understand that this may seem harsh so we offer the ability for transfer the adjusted  balance to one of the following: 1) workshop(s) and other KW hosted event’s (Rene’ must be a primary teacher for the transfer to be credited. 2) Change in Program or Session. Meaning if you have purchased a program and would like to instead do a blend of workshops, courses or  couple’s sessions you may request this option. 3) Transfer to a friend. This is like giving a Gift Certificate. However this option needs approval from KW as your friend will still need to follow all guidelines for becoming a New Client i.e. application, consult, approval

*All KW Coaching/mentor clients who do respond to contact via payment, scheduling emails or other after 2 months terminate their coaching contract with KW. There are no refunds or transfers after termination in this case.

*All credits are forfeited after 6 months from date of service/workshop/event of original purchase.

*By filling out an application with KW Coaching for coaching services you agree to above terms of service.

*Coaching agreement is via payment of any coaching/course/program invoice. You agree that you understand all terms and refund policies here and legal on this site.


Contact Rene’ (KW)at kendalcoaching@gmail.com

**Policies are subject to change without notice.

Last updates June 2011