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SOLD OUT! Soulful Abundance – Aligning Sex, Money and Health for Ultimate Abundance

Aligning Sex, Money, and Health for Ultimate Abundance Are you ready to transform your life, align your energy, and invite abundance into every aspect? Join this transformative in-person workshop, "Soulful Abundance," where we gather at a cozy local venue to dive deep into the interconnected realms of sex, money, and health, unlocking the doors to […]

RESCHEDULED: Warrior Man: Ignite Your Masculine Power Workshop

 Warrior Man: Ignite Your Masculine Power Workshop  Unleash Your Warrior Spirit, Embrace Your True Masculine Essence Dear Modern Men, Are you ready to awaken the warrior within and reclaim your authentic masculine power? Join us for a transformative 3-hour workshop where we redefine what it means to be a man in today's world. Unleash Your […]

27 Fears – An Introductory Transformational Workshop – Freeing Yourself from Past Trauma Once & for All

Concord On The Creek 6750 Hillcrest Plaza Drive Suite 317 , Dallas, TX 75230

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-liberation? Join us for a special introductory three-hour workshop, “27 Fears,” where you will be guided through the empowering process of letting go of accumulated traumatic experiences using the potent practice of MER (Myofascial Energetic Release) Self Deep Massage.  Journey into Liberation: In this introductory […]