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So You Think You Can Poly? Workshop in Dallas

February 22, 2014 @ 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

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Polyamory is making quite the headline these days and many people are curious about what this sort of lifestyle really means. Is it just glorified swinging? Even at that, what does it take to “be” poly? And is it possibly more work then reward?

In this one day intensive workshop dedicated to assist single’s, couple’s, threesome’s or moresome’s: every individual will gain the answers needed and wanted to:

• Is Poly right for you?

• How to successfully broach the subject of opening the relationship.

• Authentically Communicating Your Relationship – the elevator speech and the importance of having one

• Know thy self, FIRST!

• Discovering your emotional maturity level

• Do’s & Don’ts of Poly

• The Green Eye’d Monster of Jealousy

• Power Communication: What Every Monogamous Relationship Need’s More of and the Foundation to ALL Successful Poly (and/or other lifestyle) Relationships

• Conflict Resolution

• Confronting Problem’s

• Dealing with Emotional Stress

• Making Room for a Third or Fourth

• Learning to Trust: The Power of Permission’s, Boundaries & Agreement’s
It’s not all about sex!

• Ethics and Safe Sex Practices

LEARN MORE and If this workshop is for you at So You Think You Can Poly? Overview

The skill’s, view’s and education shared during “So You Think You can Poly?” are vital, foundation points needed for any committed relationship, weather you and your significant other(s) have decided to title yourselves, “Swinging,” “Poly,” “Open” or anything else.

For single’s this is a fantastic base point to get to know yourself and build the confidence to live and love the way you are uniquely designed to do. Being single is a gift that so many of us tend to over-look. It is the perfect time to work on yourself and create the relationships that you really want and desire rather then the old school way of just hoping and letting a relationship happen then accepting it and living in frustration until you become a statistic.

So You Think You Can Poly? is for You if…

• You are married or committed and considering expanding your relationship with each other as well as others

• You are single and want to explore relationship possibilities and know that in order to attract the people you want into your love life that you must first work on yourself

You are caught in a repetitive cycle of arguing, nagging or processing about other lovers and want to experience more love with less drama!

You are happily living an “open lifestyle,” but need positive affirmation, tools and community to expand into even more fulfillment and greater intimacy

You are at a crossroads where you need to do something to jazz up the relationship, or admit that you may be at the end of the road

You are not polyamorous, but monogamy doesn’t fit and you are curious about what your relationships options are

You are  into swinging and other Lifestyles but want to expand your tool box and create better sex and relationship practices

Have ever fallen in love with more than one person and want the skill’s to make it work

Learn More HERE and Get the Early Bird Registration Cost that saves you $100 Plus FREE Bonuses!!!!

$45 pp Until Dec. 7th


February 22, 2014
9:00 am - 2:00 pm