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Secrets & Mysteries of Being A Woman

July 3, 2021 @ 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm


The chapters of your life offer a rich tapestry of what it means to be a woman.

To be YOU.

And they offer insight into what your soul desires for your life.


Your innermost dreams can come true, not just passing fancies, but your true heart’s desire.


Are you tired of wishing, waiting and hoping without success to have the relationship you feel in your deepest heart to be yours with a deserving partner?


Are you frustrated with your aging body? Your lack of desire?

Do you feel chaotic in your thoughts, anxiety ridden over the years passing and exhausted from the constance of motherhood and work?


Would you describe yourself as a radiant woman or a tired woman?


For thousands of years women have been gathering together to support each other in love, child rearing, health, community and spirit. They have been practicing ancient traditions to help heal and restore the feminine heart, mind, body and soul. However, in today’s culture and time we women bare more of a masculine load in our lives, we are in constant competition with men and women alike, we live in our minds and we deny our true source of power. 


We deny our pleasure in life.


It has been understood by almost every spiritual tradition that in order for us to heal trauma on all levels we must have support, and we must grow ourselves into a healing space through such practices such as meditation, prayer, yoga and chanting. Yet out of all of these spiritually healing practices, the experience of pleasure can be among the highest healing tools. 


We cannot heal our wounds, 

Our shadows, 

Our anger and suffering, 

By remaining lost in the wound.

We may only heal these things through elevating ourselves out of the wounds, 

Above the problems and into a pleasurable space. 


Pleasure comes to us women naturally. 

Yet our world today views pleasure only from a self-centered sexual gratifying space. 


But is it not true that you as a woman experience pleasure when:


*You witness your child accomplish something 

*Feel the love and support of friend

*Laugh with dear ones

*Snuggle with your partner

*Travel to a destination you enjoy

*Learn something new

*Accomplish something

*Watch a sunrise or sunset

*Look up at the stars or upon a flower



*Remodel your home, garden

*Go shopping


What about when you feel that you are creating your art.

The art of your life. 

Living from SOUL.


And how often do you allow for yourself to reside in this creative healing space?


Discovery of what your souls art is, 

Tapping into this powerhouse of pleasure is where your healing path begins, remains and and always will be.


I am Kendal Williams, and over the last two decades I have been working with countless women to help them capture and reunite with their truth as a powerful woman of today! Sharing with them the timeless secrets and mysteries of being a woman and what our ancestral mothers knew to be magical healing agents of the feminine. Through the practices of shamanic arts, tantra, ancient Chinese practices with the jade (yoni) egg as well as tigress exercises for youthfulness, stamina and clarity blended with modern understandings of biohacking, quantum rejuvenation and more I bring to you  this three-hour intensive womens workshop where you will discover and learn how to LIVE FROM SOUL and Unleash Your Art.


  • Discover the Power of the Self-Marriage Ceremony and why you should renew your vows annually.
  • Learn How to use Your Womanly Enchantments to Attract Love & Abundance
  • Letting Go of the Inner Critic for Boundless Creativity
  • Your Intimate Connection to Water as a Woman – for Purification, Rejuvenation & Rebirth
  • Awakening Your Personal Style – Know How to Adorn Yourself for Your Highest Vibe
  • Uncovering Your Feminine Radiance 
  • Steps to Activate the Healing of Your Sexual Wounds & the Importance of Womb Purification
  • Body of a Goddess – Loving Yours As Is.
  • Explore Your Faults As Your Virtues
  • Gain the Skills to Overcome the Disease to Please
  • Kundalini, Ancient Sexual Healing, Chakra Balancing and Jade (Yoni) Egg Therapy
  • Nutrition for a Youthful State of Being
  • Vaginal Health and How to Increase Orgasm Strength
  • Yoni Egg’s will be avaialble for purchase ( multiple sizes in Tigers Eye,  Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Red Jasper and Moonstone)


This workshop intensive is perfect for any woman who is:


  • Exhausted and frustrated with her daily grind, feeling lost in her life and purpose and unseen.
  • Keeps calling in the wrong partners no matter how determined you are that “good guys” do exist
  • Is concerned about your sexual health, hormones, and the aging process
  • Copes with anxiety, depression or fear
  • Knows that there has to be more to her life then children, people pleasing and paying the bills
  • Wants to feel good in her own skin and trust her heart once more
  • Has trauma that she cannot seem to overcome
  • Is looking for answers about understanding her thoughts, emotions and soul callings


What Women Are Saying:


“Kendal shares intensive, raw knowledge and her lifetime of education and practice with you in an easy to digest format where you feel like you’re just chatting with a good friend. I love how effortless and safe she makes you feel.” – Tara Woods, Paris TX


“I work in a male dominant field. I come home and have to be both mom and dad to my three kids. I have trauma in my past and I do not trust life. Yet after working with Kendal, I feel myself softening and desiring more. And I believe now that I can have it. She has paved the way for me and shown me how strong and beautiful I am. “  Gloria Garcia, Ft. Worth TX


“I have attended many of Kendal’s workshops through the last decade. She always impresses me with her ability to be so candid yet delicate and non-judgemental with aspects of life that so many of us struggle with. She is a wealth of knowledge and knows how to help women be powerful and true to themselves.” – Monica Wells, Dallas TX


“I did a couple of Kendal’s courses and a few private coaching calls with her and thanks to Kendal I met my soulmate. What more can I say.” – MaryAnne Simon


Are You ready to Discover Your Secrets & Mysteries?

Rejuvenate your Life & Love?

Align to Soul?


Grab this powerful workshop at DEEP DISCOUNT for a limited time offering. 


Pre-Launch Special Ends June 24th, 2021

$75/pp + GET The PDF of The Power of Vaginal Weight Lifting  for FREE

An Intensive guide focused on the ancient secrets of jade egg practices for sexual health, hormonal balancing, inconsistency issues and expanded orgasm.






July 3, 2021
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm


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