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Narcissit Vs. Empath – Recovering Your Heart Workshop

June 5, 2021 @ 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

“Narcissist Vs. Empaths – Recovering Your Heart” Workshop


Are you an empath or sensitive soul who keeps finding yourself entangled with a narcissist, desiring to break free of this energy dynamic but uncertain as to how to protect your heart from such a vampire?


Consider yourself a natural born people pleaser or “one who loves to give” caught in a vicious cycle of over-giving when in relationship with takers?


Do you feel that you are a magnet for narcissists and draining, high drama relationships?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you will be intrigued and find some peace in, “Narcissists vs. Empaths – Recovery of Your Heart” workshop.


Concern and care for others feelings are virtues we seek to instill in our children, yet they are sorely lacking in many adult Americans today. There’s scientific research to back up the notion that Americans are caring less for others and more about themselves. 


Media, the “woke” society and attitudes, Hollywood and other social changes as of recent years has supported some highly negative reptilian traits that we humans carry. 


A refocus on separation between peoples.

A refocus on the power struggles between men and women. 

A focus on shame, rights, and liberties.


All in the name of Rights and Liberties. 

Has also birthed a new era with a focus on KINDNESS at all cost, 

Breeding a plentiful and rich soil for the narcissist to feed.


No wonder we keep seeing a rise in the narcissistic power dynamic of relationship and elevated attraction to empaths.


Empaths are the natural “feelers” of society. 

Empaths are the natural “givers” of society. 

Kindness is their middle name often.


And opposites attract!


So, naturally, empaths and narcissists attract each other like magnets.



Before categorizing yourself as an empath however or labeling others as narcissists, though, please keep the following in mind:


All humans are empaths to some extent because we are energetic beings who absorb energy from others. However, those of us with a higher sensitivity level might be affected by energy more, even when we are not near a negative person or situation. Scientific research around the energy that our hearts put out vs. our brains plus the ability to receive emotional response triggers supports how the empathic being is so highly susceptible.


All humans can also behave in narcissistic ways sometimes. Some narcissists are more extreme than others. There is a spectrum for both empathy and narcissism.


Over the last few decades of working with couples, I have come to recognize that many empaths repeatedly develop relationships with narcissists, (self included).


And this is why I have decided to develop and share, 

“Narcissists vs. Empaths – Recovery of Your Heart” Workshop.


Over this three hour experiential workshop and seminar I will share with you how to uncover the path to restoring your beautiful heart and personal power.


My offering to you is carefully and with precision designed to guide you with support tools and skill development as well as insights and advice as to how to recover and protect yourself from this devastatingly painful relationship dynamic.

It is a must for anyone determined to recover from this relational experience and wanting to never experience it again. 


This powerful 3-hr workshop features:

Learn what an empath is.

– Learn what a narcissist is.

– How to identify the relationship dynamic.

– What happens to the Empath in the relationship.

– How to recover the shattered self.

– The Abandoned Self through Loss of Boundaries, Shame and the Blame Game

– Creating New Relationships with Clarity

– Quantum Field emotional/energetic release practices on recovering and rebuilding the body


Limited Seating.

Pre-registration is a must!

There will be no at the door seating.


“Narcissists vs. Empaths – Recovery of Your Heart” Workshop.



Yoga & Mind Body Therapies

6750 Hillcrest Plaza Dr Suite #317 Concorde on the Creek, 

Dallas, TX, United States, 75056



June 5th, 2021 

Noon to 3pm


Early Bird Registration Tier One

$65 pp

Till May 21th, 2021

***And Get  FREE Bonus Training – Boundaries, Intimacy and Relationships Video Recording


After  May 21th Tier Two : $80 pp

After May 25th Tier Three: $95 pp


What Peep’s Are Saying About KW Coaching

“I LOVE Kendal’s workshops. I have attended a dozen or more over the years and I love her realness and truth about the subjects she is teaching on. Amazing workshops!” — Billie Williams, Dallas, TX.

“We should learn this stuff earlier than our 40’s and 50’s, but we don’t. Kendal is eye openning! ” – Debra Harris Jones, Ft. Worth, TX

“If you have the opportunity to attend one of this womans classes DO. She is a game changer. ” – Sherry McNicoles, Frisco, TX

“I though I was broken. I thought our relationship was broken. She showed me different. ” – Barbara Mitten, Taylor, TX

“I have attended a few classes and seminars, worked with Kendal one on one and I feel blessed to have had these opportunities. Kendals wisdom, insight and candor on delicate matters of relationship and life are transformative.” — Tracie King, Waco, TX

REGISTER TODAY! Early Bird Teir One


June 5, 2021
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Yoga & Mind Body Therapies