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Finding Abundance through Authentic Living -Kendal is Live with Scott Beauregard from Authentic Living & Dr. Michael Harris (Radio Show)

November 7, 2013 @ 1:00 am - 1:30 pm

Finding Abundance through Authentic Living

We are at a critical time in our world. The financial system has collapsed, large banks are closing, government shut downs, and so much more! According to CNN 8/10 Americans are stressed out about this. This year alone, over 760,000 jobs will be lost and here we are at the holidays. The season where more people feel financial pressure and obligation. This is a time when we over spend, over eat and drink to much. This is a time of the year when we find ourselves more depressed, guilt ridden and overcome with some sort of loss when we should be living in gratitude and abundance.

The secret to taking control of your volatile circumstances is just a mater of knowing how to live authentically and within who you are, outside of what you have been told to be or how to act and think. Then all the things that seemed so far out of reach will suddenly seem as easy as ordering your morning coffee.

In this compelling educational conversation you will discover that through strategic intervention you can empower yourself with unbound thinking, reveal your authentic self and find fulfillment, joy and abundance in life, love and work.

Join Dr. Michael Harris, Scott Beauregard and Kendal Williams this Monday @ 1pm to make this a November to Remember by learning the simple time tested strategies to increase your capacity to have all that you desire!


November 7, 2013
1:00 am - 1:30 pm