Hello Beautiful!!

What if while the rest of the world is off on vacation for summer,

while they are off to cooler temperatures or excursions,

you found yourself perhaps enjoying one of these events,

but you also made the choice to be following a proven, step by step process that was focused on helping you expand your influence, increase your confidence, get you the results that you desire in love, with business and create a life that is THRIVING?

What  if you found yourself in a group of powerful souls?

A TRIBE of KICK ASS leaders, visionaries, game changers that knew what they wanted and were committed to accessing greater potential this SUMMER.

What if the first half of 2019 was just setting you up for NOW?

And the rest of 2019 was your time to FLY?

If this sounds of interest....

If this sounds like a F-ck Yes! to you then  “Unstoppable Power – It’s My Time To Fly!”

Is something you want to learn more about.

Keep reading beautiful....

For 12 weeks, starting July 15th, I will be supporting an intimate circle of powerful souls through step by step altitudes of success for work, love and your life, showing you how a mother of seven has successfully built an online coaching empire and helped countless others do the same in their chosen profession.

Teaching women and men how to scale up their business, intensify their love life, command in abundance and claim their freedom based life.

“Unstoppable Power – It’s My Time To Fly!”


Is for you if you are looking for:

A step by step system for expanding and revolutionizing your business and love life.

Accountability and an omnipotent environment to keep you VIBING HIGH

The second half of 2019 to be what counts!


Don't close out the last of this year,

the end of this decade with a meh experience.

Make 2019 something that is UNSTOPPABLE.

Make it about YOU.

Make this decade stand out from all the rest -

Not because it was a decade of wanting and not having,

or starting and not finishing,

but because it is the close of a decade that made your mouth drop open.

Because you are standing in AWE over all that you have manifested in business & love.



What do you want to start the next phase of your life with?

What sort of manifestations do you want to have brewing as the calendar cycles over to 2020?

Do you currently have the momentum to achieve these dreams/desires?

Or are you crossing your fingers and praying that they will just come about?


In truth,

when you look out at the world and you witness others living that life that you desire.

You know that they had to get aligned to it.

You know that they had unstoppable support and guidance.

They were encouraged, loved and had strategy at their side.

They stepped in and said F-ck YES!

Yes to Being Unstoppable - And Flying!

Well, Baby...

Now is your moment.

2019 is calling you.


It takes  a committed tribe of souls to push each other up and make miracles manifest for all.

That is what you will gain with “Unstoppable Power – It’s My Time To Fly!”

And for the next 2-weeks I am offering $550 off.

Simply grab your spot before July 15th to take advantage of this crazy EARLY BIRD pricing.

    Unstoppable Power- It's My Time To Fly!

    Join me now for this empowering alignment training over 12-weeks where you will soar to your next level of success in work, love and life!

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    Working 1:1 with me in this intense fashion for 12 -weeks PLUS the group interaction and live training's  could easily be $4k-$10k, but I wanted to offer something to all those that follow me and who so greatly deserve an opportunity to get the 1:1 that they need. The support and TRIBE that can move them into their next level self.  That is why I have made this 12-week training a no duh for you... giving you this PRE-LAUNCH special of $550 off...

    What you'll get:

    • 12-weekly proven strategies to grow your confidence, ability to manifest your dreams, expanded energy training, calling in the success, love and life that you want hacks and how the key elements on how to monetize and become an influencer in today's hectic online world.
    • 6 live calls with myself
    • Opportunities at hot seat coaching in the live interactive group coaching on Facebook ( Private Group)
    • Lifetime access to My Time To Fly! Facebook Tribe

    Module #1 - Owning Your Power

    Week 1

    No More Good Girl Hold Backs!

    Week 2

    Let Go, Let Go, Allow.

    Week 3

    Letting Go of Perfectionism, Activating Authenticity

    Week 4

    Desire is My GPS

    Module #2 - Lifestyle Design

    Week 5

    No More Dry Pussy Face

    Week 6

    Increased Pleasure Threshold

    Week 7

    Comfort to Miracles

    Week 8

    Manifesting with ease & Grace

    Module #3 - Money, Sex & Men

    Week 9

    Knowing Your Abundance Key's

    Week 10

    Saying YES to Your Orgasm

    Week 11

    Men Are Just Desserts

    Week 12

    Mastering Your Unstoppable Power

    This is an opportunity for you to get your life in alignment to your SOUL.

    Alignment to your CORE.

    To your HEART.

    You can chase after your dreams.

    You can pursue the money, the fame, the clients, the love, the body.

    But none of it will ever make you happy or feel good if you are not in ALIGNMENT.

    Your alignment = Your VIBRATION.

    Your vibration = Your POWER to CREATE.

    "You took me from average to extraordinary in my life and in my career. Never did I believe I could go from making $2500 a month to making over $13,000 a month doing what I want instead of being bossed around and staring at my computer screen. WOW! So much gratitude."

    - Cynthia Wilson, Momprenuer, New York

    "If you are looking for a coach that will love you through your shit and is not afraid to tell you how it is at the same time, then Kendal is your girl. She knows how to access your soul and get you aligned. Total game changer this one."

    - Brice Peterson

    "I am the mom of three small kiddo's. I am also the owner of a home based business designing signature studded unique gifts that I market to small gift stores around the country. Kendal showed me how to scale up my business and free up my time. Giving me time, freedom and almost doubling my income in the last year while working with her."

    - Stephanie Newman

    "F-ck! You are good. When I first started working with you I was making a hardy six figures, but I was working all the time for someone else. Now, just two short years later I have tripled my income and have my own business. Thank you Kendal for doing what you do. "

    - John Griffin

    Any questions at all, please just reach out here.

    I am here to help you make sure that you make the choice that best supports your SOUL.