You Want It!

That perfect work- life balance.


It is a major goal I am sure.

And it should be,

It is also something that you can certainly achieve.

Ever wonder how some people seem to have such a great balance?

How they manage to be able to do it all?

And have a ton of vibrancy as well?

They raise kids,

            They build a company,

                        They stay fit and healthy,

                                     They travel and date,

                                                  They even sleep in and have time to just do nothing. 

                                                               And most importantly…

                                              They are HAPPY.


How is that possible?



It’s all about alignment they say.

It’s all about just saying yes to the things that make you feel good, they say.

It’s all about flow, the law of attraction and the vortex they say.


Listen to your soul.

Listen to your heart.

And blessings will abound.


Yeah, yeah, f-cking yeah!


Okay folks,

you all know that I preach the same thing that leaders and visionaries,

game changers, guru’s and greats have preached forever.


There is no f-cking secret.

The secret is that we are responsible 100% for the way our life manifests.


Yes there is the SECRET!

But we don’t like taking that sorta responsibility,

do we?



We don’t.

I sure the f-ck have an issue with this wake up call,

like every damn morning,

and sometimes at noon and bedtime too.

Sh*t I wake up in the middle of the night sometimes,

freaking out about stuff.


I am sure you do too.

It’s normal.


And you know what….

There are 47 POWERFUL Hacks that I am going to share with you to help you not just side step this stuff that sabotages your...




But will FULLY when applied and used correctly will ELIMINATE these nasty little



So you can STOP…


Wondering why this is happening?

How are you going to get through it?

And what did you do to deserve such crap?


I am going to GIVE YOU

The power to take back your BALANCE and fully CLAIM Your F-CK YES LIFE!


In Your Personal Life!

In Your Business Life!

Oh Yeah Baby!
You Deserve This Bootcamp.
It is Going to set the whole tone for the next year and most likely decade.
Act now.
Grab the LIVE Training and get STARTED on your Ying – Yang Balance!
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What You Get 

  • Exclusive Ying – Yang Preliminary Work
  • 2- Hours Intensive LIVE Video Training to Create Your Ideal Work-Life Balance
  • 3 Focus Video’s Too Get You On Target Fast
  • 90-minute LIVE Video Q & A
  • Access to Private Workshop Group

Course Content

  • 10 Hacks to Create Balance, Prevent Burnout & Establish Healthy Boundaries
  • My Top Personal Space Waster Hacks
  • My Top Efficiency Work-Life Hacks
  • Top 3 Tech Hacks to Help You with Email, Tools & Unplugging
  • The Power of Delegation in Personal & Work Life
  • Stop Pulling Your Hair Out: Hacks to Overcoming Stress
  • Stress Too Focus Mindset
  • My Personal Mindfulness & Meditation Tools
  • Brain Breaks Before Your Brain Breaks, Hacks to Let Go!
  • Get Moving! Power of Action Hack
  • The Power of Expanding Your Knowledge Hack
  • Top 4 Happiness Hacks to Empower Your Success
  • My Top 5 Deliberate Creation Hacks for Success with the Law of Attraction
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"I’ve only been working with Kendal for a few months and the changes I’ve seen in myself and how I interact with others is immense....This is benefitting not only me but also my children, who learn from the changes I’m making in myself. If you are looking for a coach or mentor you owe it to yourself to have a talk with Kendal. "

Amy L.
Amy L.

“A great and amazing coach. Every time I have a coaching session I learn more and more about myself and about my patterns. She has been a great guide on the way to learning how to live my best life.”

Jeremy G.
Jeremy G.