Live Workshop Begins- August 19th, 2019
It’s f-cking AMAZING to be able to say that you live life the way you want to.
It’s f-cking AMAZING to be able to look into someone’s eye’s and just drop down into your body and show up however you may feel, without any fear of being accepted or not.
It’s f-cking AMAZING to embrace your gift’s and talents and experience God/Universe supporting you in your commitment to soul alignment.
It’s f-cking AMAZING to wake up and to feel proud of yourself for the decisions that you have made and for the results that life is giving you because of them.
Can you say the same of your’s?
Do you live like this?
How would you describe your life?
Are you a .01%er person who COMMANDS in your life experience and blessing or do you just settle in and let life wash over you however it feels?
Do you look for opportunities to grow, expand and heal or do you surrender yourself to blame, guild, shame and regret?
What is your norm?
What are you accepting for this moment in your life?
What do you feel you would like to call into your life that you currently do not have?
What do you need to say good bye to to have this?


These are the soul questions that you MUST ASK and ANSWER of yourself to achieve the results that you want.
Without asking these questions, you will never fully know: 
*who you are
*what to do
*what you want.
Many times in life we choose to walk away from ourselves, Wedo so with good reason, but at the end of the day, We find ourselves facing death with regret, sadness, and BItterness.
There is no one to blame either.
There is no one but the person who looks back at us in the mirror.
In life we get more caught up on what someone else thinks or their perspectives of us then we do about what we feel and think about ourselves.
We make many a decision based not on what is actually good for ourselves, but what we feel will make another happy.
Will keep the peace.
There are times for this reasoning for sure, however we must always STOP and PAUSE for a moment and ASK ourselves if we really feel good about it or if this “thing” will lead us to some of the lower vibrations above?      
The path to manifesting the life your soul wants, the life that you most likely feel in your gut,
but may believe that you cannot have for whatever reason, is not laid with
your passive boundaries, with your reasonable compromises, with your lack of focus, fear, dobt, jealousy or excuses.  

The path that you feel in your heart and soul, in your gut,
is laid with your passion, your commitment, your boundaries, your voice, your heart, your sweat, and your love for this life. It is measured by your joy.
Not your pain.
We all have our stories we can share about our heartaches and struggles,
we have all suffered and felt pain and anger.
These tales unfold us,
they birth us into who we are,
they are chapters in our life,
but they will ONLY define us if we allow them too.
Those who are the .01%.
Those who are the one’s who WILL NOT SETTLE.
Those who feel the desire and recognize it for all that it is offering,
these are the one’s,
who step forward no matter what is at stake.
Who ask the hard questions.
Who stare themselves in the eye and say ” I love you, you are worth it.”
Who understand that the worst thing that can happen in this life is to die with your music still in you.
These are the one’s that I call to today.
This is the tribe that I crave to venture forward with.
These are the ONE’S.
Will you come with me into the final quarter of of this year and into 2019 CLAIMING YOUR LIFE?
Or will you settle?

Week 1

Values that Guide Us
- Desire & Belief
- Skills of Gratitude
- Boundaries and Life Non-Negotiable's

Week 3

When I grow up...
- Discovering Your Passion
- Tapping into Purpose
- Becoming a Match for Your Desires

Week 2

This is who I am....
- Knowing Your Worth
- Forgiveness, Shame and Self- Love
- Setting the tone of blessing

Week 4

What's Love Got to Do With It?
- Sex, Play and Knowing Your Sensual Power
- Vulnerability, The Biggest 4 Letter Word
- Living Your Orgasm

Week 5

Never  Ever Settle For Less.
- Understanding Soul Commitment
- Leaning Into What You Deserve
- Commanding In Your Freedom Based Life
  • 5 Intensive weeks of LIVE Facebook Training
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  • 6 Training Live Video's
  • 5 Q&A Live
  • Lifetime Access to Facebook Group for Support and Maximized Empowerment
  • 2 VIP Private Focus Calls with Kendal During the Live Workshop Period
  • 5 Mastery Empowerment Blueprints with Deep Dive Exploration Exercises
  • Clarity, Focus and Empowered Creation of Your Freedom Based Life
Debi Parks Veniga Debi Parks Veniga

Working with Kendal has and is the one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have put a lot of money into workshops, coaches, classes, and books, all to further my development and to grow immensely personally. I value all that I have done... yet working with Kendal I felt connection... someone who has walked in my shoes, who has been in similar situations and still keeps moving and pursuing and opening up to more and more and more! She's someone I can see and feel who not only talks the talk but is walking it, hell running it!! I look to Kendal for inspiration, for someone who is laser sharp in knowing what is needed and how to give it. I always left her office feeling more alive, vibrant, knowing, and sure of where I was going. Working with Kendal is priceless and well worth it. Thank you so much Kendal for what you have given to me and opened up within me.

Demeka Allen Demeka Allen

Kendal is a beautiful being, inside and out. Her magnetic energy is contagious. She is extremely knowledgeable, and understanding. She’s transparent, and free flowing. She has words of wisdom that invoke thought. She pushes buttons that will push you pass your fears. If you’re willing to work through your issues, she is there to assist, and support. Love her...💕

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