It's happening!

April 1st, 2021...


Unavailable for Bullsh*t.

Are you ready to get mofo DONE with the bullsh*t?

Do you realize just how freakin' simple and easy in flow your life would be if you just started to honor your soul?

Maybe not. 

Maybe you don't really understand what it means to honor your soul. 

Maybe it is a great concept to you, you feel like you are already doing it, 

but just cannot figure out the micro- details as to why things are not fully lining up yet the way you had desired them too. 


You are still struggling. 

In love and relationship. 

With your money.

Or maybe it just is everywhere in your life. 

Causing you limited life happiness. 

Well here is the thing love,  living from soul means a few things, 

the primary being to...



Which means to start to honor your boundaries, standards and requirements in life. 

In all subject areas. 

Can you just imagine a life where you knew what you wanted, 

you had great clarity about it, 

you could feel it and almost taste it. 

And you just KNEW without a doubt that it was yours for the having. 

Because you were operating from faith and soul instead of fear. 

Because you understood the 8 Pillars of Love, Money and Life Happiness, 

and knew that through these pillars you were able to achieve and manifest your wildest desires...

Can you imagine that sorta life?

Or here is one more for you, love, 

what about a life where you stopped questioning if this or that was right and good for you, 

but instead trusted in your soul response so vividly that you were always certain as to what choices to make in life, 

in relationship, 

with your health or well being. 

With anything. 

Can you imagine this sorta life?

Well it is possible. 

In this 8-week exclusive training you get to work with me on breaking free from the bullsh*t that you have allowed yourself to believe in all these years and you get to FINALLY say MF YES! to your beautiful Soul. 

We are going to cover a ton of ground work over the eight weeks.  You are going to gain clarity into:

  • Your Mindset

    From the quality of your thoughts to the feelings you have about those thoughts and how that manifests into your reality. As well as how to gain confidence and certainty in yourself.  What your bounce back rate is and how to improve it.

  • The Importance of Personal Growth & Expansion

    Understanding and Practicing Becoming the Person That Attracts All Those Juicy Things.

  • Values, Beliefs, Boundaries & Desires

    No small subject here. When these don’t line up, you are out of soul alignment and well that gets you what you most likely have right now and want away from.

  • Your Health

    Our bodies are temples and everyone cares for their temple differently, but are you caring for yours out of soul alignment or out of fear, supression and frustration.  It matters.

  • Your Connection to Source (God) & Alignment to Soul (Self)

    As Above So Below. What does that mean really you may ask? We are going to break this down and you will see the principles that I use daily to stay aligned and connected so that I live by faith instead of fear.

  • Your Career & Material Wealth

    What you do matters. Not all work is equal and we are not just speaking about the career path you have chosen but also what you do daily on that path. Plus the contributing patterns you have around MONEY. What does your money story say about your relationship with it?

  • Your Sex & Surrender to Pleasure

    Think that your sex does not play a role in your abundance factor, in your over all life happiness or in your sabotaging programs that accept bullsh*t as a normal way of life. Think again, love! We are going to delve into a week of training to break through your pleasure thresholds and get you into integrity RIGHT HERE so you can reap the rewards everywhere.

  • Your Friendships & Relationships

    All relationships. What are they saying to you? How do you feel about them? What are the stories you have around them? We are going to figure all that out and I am going to reveal to you the real messages that relationships share when we are aligned or not. This is the ticket to only doing soul aligned relating. Want that soulmate lover? This is going to rock your world and get you thinking differently about love and relating.

  • Fun & Play, the Foundation to Your Flow

    When was the last time you really just allowed yourself to enjoy something or someone? To really just let out that belly laugh? To be goofy? To be a big kid. Creative and fun.  We forget the importance of these things when we are working so hard to adult. And then we wonder why our lives are so ho hum, empty and without luster. Get ready to set a course of lightheartedness if you really want to let go of all the bullsh*t!

  • A Talk About Legacy

    We hear a lot about this word: Legacy. But what does it mean? What are the components of it and why is that so damn important to your love life, your money or your life happiness? We are going to break down these things and get very clear on the role it plays and what you desire yours to be. 

Ready to create a dream life? 

Where you are living in integrity. 

Where the bullsh*t that has become oh so normal and day to day for you, 

that you are just accepting without notice, 

but makes you feel  unseen, under appreciated, fatigued, lost, lonely, FEARFUL and just not vibing, 


Are you ready?

8 weeks.

You and me.

ALL in.

If you know it's time to go ALL in on you ... and you would like to work with me as your mentor and coach to do that ... grab your ticket today.

"“Kendal's course was more than I could have anticipated. Some emotions that have taken me 20 years to fully feel and heal took just over 14 days! Without doing much. Simply allowing Kendal's training to infiltrate me. I feel lighter. Happier in my career and fully supported by my friends and family. I’ve attracted new friends who’ve shown me so much love! My love life has improved and I am dating a beautiful man now! If you feel the spark to work with Kendal – trust it ❤️”"

Barbara Osborn, WI

"“Kendal knows her shit when it comes to understanding how creation really works in this world, and her ability to teach, mentor and guide you back to the remembrance of how powerful you are in the manifeting of your relationships is powerful AF!

Even if you feel like you already have a good grasp on it, she’ll take you next level - GUARANTEED! " 

Britney Blanchard, NY

"The results? Will blow your mind. Kendal is beyond measure one of the most gifted teachers I have ever come in spirit with. Her understanding of the human mind, emotions and energetics is powerful and she translates it to you with such ease and candor. She is the real deal and her coaching is priceless!" 

Amanda Price, TX

What You Get: 

  • 8 Live Recorded Trainings on the How To Stop Being Unavailable for the Bullsh*t Once and for All.
  • 4 Private 1:1 Asskickery Calls with me.
  • Extensive Soul Shaking & Aligning Exercises and Downloads to Shift You To Your Core Self
  • My Personal Soul Commandments, Beliefs and Permissions for you to Implement to get you aligned fully to your soul expression.
  • Unlimited Facebook Chat Access to expedite your mentoring and coaching with me.

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Meet Your Teacher!

Kendal Williams is a real life sex and relationship educator, abundance coach, author, mother of 7 and lover of life. She is known for her raw, authentic passionate style in teaching and coaching. She has co-authored books with David Riklin, Dr. Joseph Cilea,  Dr. Joesph Mercola, Gary Craig, Dr. Marcus Laux, Dr. Susan Lark, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Dr. Julian Whitaker, and Steven E. and has been featured on Lifetime TV - Married At First Site. Kendal believes that our sexuality is one of the greatest untapped areas of life and a source of deeper connection and healing to our authentic selves and the creator. You can explore her coaching and connect to her at FACEBOOK or view her current LOCAL EVENTS or email direct at