Tantric Integration In Action Bodywork

“There is a pattern, an order, in human bodies… When the body gets working appropriately, the force of gravity can flow through. Then spontaneously the body heals itself.” ~ Dr. Ida P Rolf ~


a.k.a. Quantum Field Tantra (Integration in Action) provides an opportunity for men and women to integrate and reconnect with their intrinsic nature by experiencing the essential current of their sexual energy throughout their bodies, free from any judgments or expectations.

This “energy based” bodywork ( is a blended hybrid approach of 6+ healing modalities and is unique to less than a dozen practitioners world wide) is designed to expand the amplitude for experiencing increased energy flow and to assist in the eliminating of any prevailing or sexual traumas stored in the body, as well as opening energy pathways that have been hindered potentially since childhood.

It facilitates both sexes in reconnecting with their positive pole’s.

The heart – for women,

The genitals, for men.

Tantric Integration in Action – The 10 Series


The word “tantra” means to weave in it’s generalized definition.  Meaning that all of life is woven together and plays off of each other.  Our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies are interwoven and our life experiences and processing is based on this very fact. The alignment process comes through integrating those bodies and clearing out seated and blocked pathways of emotion thus energy.  The understanding of tantra is at the foundation of all that I do and in this hybrid modality it merges with other healing practices to offer a unique and powerful strategy for those dealing with a multitude of issues.

“When I started working with Kendal I was suffering from massive anxiety and had gotten to a point where breathing was difficult. I was married to fear instead of my husband. It was impacting my relationship to the point I thought we would divorce.  Sex hurt. My hormones were a wreck and I could barely stay focused enough to work.  The work Kendal performs is magical!!! By session 4 I was a changed woman and I cannot wait to experience a second series with her to see what awaits me in deeper clearing.” — Judith Swan, Dallas Texas Elementary teacher


The first three sessions of the 10 series are known as ‘Canvas Sessions’, as they begin to free the superficial fascial layers, as well as reconnect the energy houses and establish positive pole alignment with the individual and their body.  There is a focus on vagus nerve activation and emotional release points in order to prepare the body for the ‘deeper’ work that takes place in sessions 4, 5, 6 and 7 (Core Sessions) Sessions 8, 9 and 10 are integration sessions. These are where we put everything back together again.

Sessions normally last 40-60 minutes, with each session building on the previous one, so that by the end of 10 sessions, the whole body has been worked on.

You may continue to notice changes in your body following your sessions, as the work continues to integrate.  You may find that with ‘deeper’ issues such as loss, anxiety, and certain traumas that you need more tantric integration work and it is strongly suggested to evaluate this around session 8 of the initial series.  If you are wanting to achieve energetic ‘orgasm’ as it is referred to and witnessed in demo video here you may require multiple series to fully integrate and harmonize the energy body with the vagus nerve and meridians for continual grounding and healing where you can achieve these results without question.



  • removing sexual trauma from the body
  • clearing sexual conditioning, including feelings of shame, guilt, old belief systems, etc.
  • re-sensitizing the body, including heart area and penis/vagina
  • increasing “staying power” (for men)
  • erectile dysfunction (for men) and vaginal numbness (for women)
  • premature ejaculation (for men) and frigidity (for women)
  • opening the energy in the body for more intense, full body orgasms
  • realigning the man/woman to their masculine/feminine nature
  • becoming a multi-orgasmic man/woman


  • releasing trauma from the body
  • releasing fears, anxiety, feelings of unworthiness
  • reconnecting the man or woman to their confidence and power
  • opening the throat chakra to assist in clear communication
  • elevating the frequency of the man’s or woman’s energy
  • realigning the man/woman to their natural polarity
  • realigning the man to his natural polarity, authority and power.
  • realigning the woman her natural polarity, receptivity and power.
  • releasing unprocessed feelings (anger, rage, unworthiness, guilt, etc.) which affect present interactions
  • resolving any trauma caused by the relating with the mother/father


  • Improved posture
  • Increased flexibility
  • Easier movement
  • Reduction/resolution of pain
  • Less tension in the body
  • More energy
  • Improved sleep
  • Calmer mind
  • Releasing conditionings and old belief systems from the physical body
  • Experiencing your egoless self
  • Opening the heart center
  • Opening, clearing and rebalancing your structural foundation for optimum alignment of mental, spiritual, emotional and physical bodies
  • Refining  your natural psychic ability
  • Enhancing intuition
  • Igniting abundance and creativity
  • and more…

What to Expect In A Session: 

  1. Tantric Integration is not tantric massage and genitals are not touched during the session.  It is also not a therapeutic massage. It is release of soft tissues and activation of vagus nerve through exercises, touch, breathwork and energy based work.
  2. You will be asked to participate during your tantric integration session with certain breathing patterns, vocalizations, exercises with balls, pillows and other tools to assist in the release and de-armouring process.
  3. You will be given instruction/homework after sessions to maximize the healing benefits of the session itself.
  4. Women are required to wear a bra or tank top/exercise bra and panties or loose shorts/yoga pants and men are required to wear boxers or gym shorts during sessions. There is no nudity.



***Intro to Tantric Integration and De-armourning Explorative Session Available Upon Request, must complete new client application and do Clarity Call. 

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