Self-Esteem & Your Sex

5 Points for Empowerment

This topic is one that I personally struggled with for many years and had to get real with myself on.

What I mean by that is, I had to become aware that my self-esteem was nothing more than sex-esteem and I was riding all my worth on making my partner happy and telling myself what a good partner I was for giving myself like this. I felt like I was good at sex and never had an issue attracting compliments from men so in this area of life I had my "stuff" together.

The issue however was that I allowed my partner to do with my body what he wanted, when he wanted. I hardly orgasmed. I often found myself with after sex blues and anger, feeling used and unloved.  When I started to become conscious of how I was doing this to myself and in truth how I had poor self-esteem overall I started to look at what I could do to improve my self-esteem and start loving myself, not just being a sex object.

In this empowerment series I will share with you the five areas that I have discovered that we typically use our sex as a false self-esteem and give you my personal exercises and tips as to how to transform your sex-esteem into true self-worth, love and esteem.

Lecture #1  Content:

Lecture one and supportive materials focuses on what self- esteem is and is not. We look at a few of the areas that we can flip from self-sabotage into empowerment.

Lecture #2 Content

Diving deeper into self- esteem and how it effects our sex. In this segment we focus on how we can learn to love and respect ourselves at a more intense level.

Lecture #3 Content

In this section we cover the four best ways to build confidence and we focus on giving ones self permission to ask for what they need/want.

Bonus Lecture #4 Content

This lecture is all on relationships and learning the questions to ask yourself about if yours is based on love or need.

Bonus Lecture #5 Content

This lecture is focused on relationships and how we often believe that they should be easy when in fact relationships take work. This may seem like something that we should already know and logically we do, however how do we feel inside about that?

What Will You Get From This Course:

  • 3 Video Lectures
  • 2 BONUS Video's
  • 6 Worksheets to help you discover your true self-esteem
  • 10 Self-Esteem Exercises that I use with my VIP Coaching Clients
  • Number 1 Key to a Life of Bliss Publication

"This course was a real eye-opener for me in the way I live my life in regards to my self-esteem and sexuality. The course gave me hope, focus, inspiration, but also got me looking at some real difficulties in my life. Kendal is engaging and makes you want to keep listening throughout the course. My suggestion is to really dig deep into this course and do all the exercises and journaling. Amazing course!"

Kelly A., 35

"Wow! She had a lot of good thing to say. There were so many "golden nuggets" in this video that I wish I had taken better notes. Looking forward to more from this instructor. Cheers! "

Taylor S., 44

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