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In all the courses Kendal shares her secrets to living a Freedom Based Life that covers alignment, business,  relationships, sex, & more!

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Unavailable for Bullsh*t

Only $795

Superwoman Success Secrets

12-Week Unstoppable TRIBE


Unstoppable Power- Time to FLY TRIBE!

12-Week Unstoppable TRIBE

Only $675!

Monetizing Bada*s Bossess

Only $295!

Manifest Your Man- 10 Hack to Manifesting Your Conscious Lover

Live Training March 26th
Only $129!

Primal Reboot: Penetrate Life the Way You Were Born to!

ONLY $197!

His, Hers, & Ours- 69 Secrets to Having the Relationship of Your Dreams

ONLY $149!

The Ying/Yang of a F-ck Yes Life Bootcamp

Only $149

Ass In the Sand: Facebook Live Workshop for Entrepreneurs

Only $249

Embrace Your Power Claim Your Life: 5 Steps To A Freedom Based Life

Coming SOON!

Stop F*cking Around: 10 Days of Alignment Asskicking

Only $249

F*ck Yes Lifestyle Training

Only $49

Feel Good Now! The Only Secret You Need

Only $97

It's Complicated- Challenges of Couplehood

Only $97