Do You Find a Woman Hot As F-ck in the midst of Orgasm?

Most men certainly do.

Most men would love to keep her there for as long as they could... 

Us women, we tend to want to have better orgasms, but we are not as turned on to the faces that we make in the midst of them.

Scrunching up our noses. 

Opening our mouths. 

The posture of our bodies.

And the grunts and groan's that may escape us.

Many woman want to hide this.

And our reasons are as many as there are woman on this planet.

O-FACE is a Livestream Demonstration Workshop

( Yes!!! I just said that - Livestream Demonstration) revealing the bliss, the passion, the beauty, the fear, the courage and most importantly the VULNERABILITY behind female orgasm.

Capture a real time viewing of orgasm from foreplay to climax in this educational daring workshop. Focused on the face of Female Orgasm.

Learn about the boundaries that a woman must cross through and the internal challenges that she faces with each orgasmic moment that passes through her as her lover takes her deeper and deeper into elevated states of bliss.

Don't You ADORE the Vulnerability of a woman when she is in Orgasm?

She is beautiful. 

She is Brave. 

She is Open.

There in her raptures of orgasm she awakens her truth. 

She not only opens her body and her lover, but to her orgasm. 


Her body quakes and vibrates. 

Her breath deepens and changes. 

She is flushed.

She is intoxicating.


Here in the pure state of RAW Authentic Viewing you capture her essence.

You see her strength and courage to allow herself to be LOST in bliss.

This energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard and fully allowed to be; when they are experienced without judgement; but instead valued and supported can take a woman and her lover into even deeper intimacy and sexual connection.

But so many women HIDE.

And what does almost every man desire to see more of in his woman?

Her O-FACE!!!!

It is that face of pure engulfment of bliss.

He leans deeply into her in this moment.

Feeling full and confident in his manhood.

Knowing that by his stroke,

his presence he has helped her achieve this moment.

There is special delight that a man has when he is blessed to experience and fully capture her face in pure Orgasmic Bliss.


It is Hot As F-ck!


But what many men and people across the board do not fully understand is that in order to experience a TRUE Orgasmic state from a woman, she must feel safe.

She must be able to SURRENDER. 

To herself and the orgasm.

To her lover.

Surrender = Vulnerability

Vulnerability = Surrender

It is ever so DARING to be seen in this VULNERABLE state of our Orgasm as women. 

Woman close their eye's to fully feel themselves.

To find the flow of their ORGASM.

They close their eye's to GO DEEPER.

O-FACE will share with you the truth behind Female Orgasm.

It will give you keys to access deeper states of female orgasmic bliss.

How to fully tap into your presence as a man and lead her into this vulnerable state.

It will share steps to accessing vulnerability.

The true gift and power of vulnerability.

Understanding Real and Fake Orgasm

O-FACE is a Livestream Demonstration that is so much more than a hot scene of witnessing live action sex. It goes past learning skills for better angles and deeper penetration.


O-FACE is all about revealing a woman's truth is VULNERABILITY during sex and at the highs of ORGASM.

In this global live workshop you will learn: 

  • The Importance of Vulnerability to gain orgasmic surrender
  • What is Vulnerability? How it Relates to Gourmet Sex & Intimacy
  • The Importance of asking for what you want.
  • Desire, Acceptance & Boundaries
  • Owning Your Own Orgasm Story
  • How Shame, Comparison and Trauma Block Surrender
  • Cock Consciousness Leads to Female Surrender
  • Penetrate Her Here First.

In O-FACE You Will Get:

  • Over 3+ hours of Live Training & Demonstration
  • Livestream Viewing of real time Female Orgasm from Foreplay to Climax
  • LIVE Training and Sharing on Female Orgasm and Vulnerability
  • Pillow Talk of After Orgasm View and Shares
  • Exclusive Preliminary Outlines and Orgasm Expansion and Connection Work
  • 10 Orgasmic Posts for THRIVING in Relationship
  • The Elusive Female Orgasm Handout
  • Understanding Her Sex PDF
  • Understanding Vulnerability Worksheet
  • Vulnerability and Intimacy Worksheet
  • Opening to Orgasm Steps
  • Clear Your Shame Open To Vulnerability
  • Sacred Space
  • 30 Minute Interactive Q & A

Join Kendal in this Daring Intimate Workshop where she reveals the intensity, the depth and waves of her Orgasm for you in real time as you are privileged to watch as she surrenders to a lover and enters the core of her vulnerability through ecstasy.  

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A Livestream Demonstration Workshop on the Vulnerability of Female Orgasm