"Stop Allowing Average Into Your Love Life!"

When a man penetrates his woman fully, he penetrates her with not just his cock but his heart and whole being. Only through this deep surrendering into his woman can a man fully experience himself. – KW

Not Just An Average Joe

It is FINALLY HERE! My Intensive Workshop is now a Global Access On-Line Course so that YOU can experience it and once and for all get the skills that you desire as a man.

The AVERAGE man lasts 2 to 10 minutes in penetration with his women.

The AVERAGE man has issues keeping an erection for longer than 20 minutes.

The AVERAGE man often ejaculates LONG before his partner ever orgasms.

Most men today, have some sort of sexual issue and are uncertain as to how to over come it without pharmaceutical help. However, taking a little purple pill that was actually created for people with heart issues that ended up having a happy ending effect of longer/stronger erections made it more valuable in the market place to be used as an ED drug instead of heart medicine.

With this said, have you noticed how you feel when you take this pill?

Many men experience headaches for hours if not days, anxiety, sleep issues and chest pain.

Then you have that fancy little shot that many men are starting to explore that you can even get at some gas stations…

SAY WHAT? Erection Injections at your local gas station? Yepper’s.

So how safe do you you believe that is?

The side effects of this little injection can be devastating.

And for what?

A “quick fix” ( NOT) to lasting longer.


Because men want to please their partners.

Men want to be superior lovers.

Men want to enjoy sex and want to give an orgasm to their partners.

Men DO NOT want to rendered into the AVERAGE category of being the 2 to 10 minute man who can barely handle a quickie where his partner is turning to a vibrator or someone else to surrender into the depths of pleasure and orgasm.

No MOST men want to be effing AMAZING in bed and have their partners wanting more!

Does this sound like what you want?

Do you desire to penetrate your partner and bring them into states of orgasmic rapture like they have never had before?

Do you desire to have control over your little head and be the commander of when or if you ejaculate instead of having another “oops, honey.. I am sorry.” moment?

Do you desire to know the ancient secrets of tantra and what all this fuss is over?

Do you desire to penetrate your woman to the depths of her soul where she will open in total surrender to you?

Well I can help you achieve this and so much more!

But you have to take advantage of this TODAY.

I am changing direction in my coaching practice and many of my sexuality and tantra workshops will no longer be easily available but at VERY special times through the next ten years. I am making this course available for a limited time ONLY!

So, YES here is what you have been wanting.

KW Coaching to take it to virtual training so you can access this coaching from anywhere on the globe.

But it is ONLY here for a short time!


You will get everything listed below PLUS: 

  • PDF Download
  • Kendal’s Top 3 Fav Tantric Exercises for a Strong Erection and Extra Long Stamina
  • Lifetime Access to over 3 hours of recorded training including Kendal's intimate Q & A recorded Live from the original workshop. 
  • Hidden BONUS Announced In Recording.

In this empowering workshop designed to get you to CLAIM your power as a man through tantra you will learn:

▪ Become a better lover
▪ Learn Key Jade Dragon Sexual Practices
▪ Proven training techniques that allow men to discover and master their orgasmic potential
▪ Men will learn the concepts to last longer and become multi-orgasmic (separating orgasm from ejaculation) – YES I JUST SAID THAT!!!

▪ Experience more pleasure than you ever thought was possible
▪ Tantric love-making practices, tips and techniques
▪ Introduction to Tantric massage, evolving your partners orgasmic potential
▪ Learn how to deepen your connection, intimacy and love with a partner that is brand new or a 20+ year relationship
▪ Learn Keys to Female Sexuality and Turn On
▪ Understand and move into the role of conscious masculinity in sexual relationships

This will be delivered as an intensive 2+ hour Intensive VIP Online Workshop. Using conscious lecture, practical exercises and strategies for future.

When you apply what you learn in this class you will:

  • Become Empowered with practical, easy to use tools to not just start your tantric sex training but also get you RESULTS within the first week.
  • You WILL be able to expand your orgasm and climax whether you are solo or in union.
  • You WILL be able to connect to your partner at more intimate levels bringing your partner into a higher state of orgasmic bliss.
  • You WILL be able to be in control of your ejaculation timing.
  • You WILL be able to have more powerful and stronger erections.

“OMG Kendal I finally did it! I had a full body orgasm and it was f-cking AMAZING! Please ready yourself for a long winded explanation. I had it start around my stomach… as it moved through me, my body was in  smooth convulsions… it was burning hot. Before I knew it my whole body was convulsing with an above mid-range pleasure.” — Justin T. 

I have been teaching sexual Tantra to thousands of men, women and couple’s for 10 years. In my work with the great masculine my specialty and passion is to see all men awaken to their true potential and learn how to support their partners orgasmic evolution into not just “good sex” but GOURMET love making.

This course is intensive, practical and is aimed at men who have a deep desire to evolve their sexual relationships and wish to truly separate orgasm from ejaculation thus becoming the elusive “multi-orgasmic man”. It is also aimed at those gentlemen who want to truly understand the art of love making and get answers to pressing questions about love,sex and relationship when dealing with women.

Does this sound like something that you have always desired?

If not then why are you still reading? Move along and stay AVERAGE.

But if you are F-CK YES!!!! Then…



OMG!!! OMG!!!! OMG!!! WAIT.

I almost forgot.

I have  not one BONUS for You but two!


Bonus #1

“Zen and the Art of Being an Extraordinary Lover Workshop” – Not taught/seen since 2012!!!

  • Learn the Four C’s of the Extraordinary Lover
  • Learn the Four S’s of the Extraordinary Lover
  • Learn the Art of Zen through Tantra
  • Course Valued at $199!



  • Kendal’s Favorite 27 Things to Keep Her Turned-On Download
  • Love Is the Small Things – Learn How Men Make Women Feel Loved Everyday
  • Material Valued at $47

OKAY NOW YOU CAN ACCESS the COURSE that is worth over $734 (But save a SH*T- Ton by clicking the link RIGHT NOW!)

Well Come On…

What are you waiting for?

The wind to blow right?


You KNOW YOU WANT to be a man in control of his, 

Well you know.

Your little guy.



“My wife is completely in raptures because of what I can do to make her feel as she rides the waves to heaven. Mostly do to your wisdom, openness to share and your philosophy toward love, relationships and sexuality.  You have taught me to realize that its not about getting to the Big “O” but its about learning how to really feel her, and slow down and enjoy the journey. These things have ignited our 20 year flame that I thought the rain had put out. Thank you again, you have made  me be able to give her everything that she deserves in the bedroom and in our communication.” 

Brad T.

“I had NO idea someone like you existed in Dallas. Amazing! The insight, comfort and unconditional love you share with a group is incredible. You seem to teach from a great sense of rare understanding.” 

Tony M.

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" Don't Let Average Invade Your Bedroom Any Longer."