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    Exclusive Kick-start Exploration Work 

    • Why are you choosing to take this course at this time? What made you take the leap of faith in to your life?
    • Profits come in many different forms. What are profits for you? How would you know you are profiting? What would be the signs? 
    • What do you feel is holding you back at this point in your life? 

    Embodiment Meditation to Use Throughout Course

    Pre-Recorded  Training Day 1- Playing to Create Time, Energy, & Magic 

    Journaling for Play

    • What makes you giggle?
    • What is something you've always wanted to do but haven't allowed yourself to do in the play arena? What would it feel like to allow yourself to step into your play right now?
    • What is play? What does play mean in your life? When you see others that are playful what are the thoughts that arise?
    • What are the things you enjoyed doing as a child? What was the energy of each of these activities and how could you implement this same energy in you current life and business?
    • Where do you struggle to really let go in your life/business (aka.. you have a stick up your butt)? What is the story that you are telling yourself here? Whats a new story you could tell?

    Day 1- Kendal

    Day 1- Addison

    Pre-Recorded Training Day 2- Passion Discovery & Expansion

    Journaling for Passion

    • List out at least 20 things you are passionate about in your life. How can you lean into these areas in a deeper way?
    • What areas of your business are you extremely passionate about? Where are you feeling forced or lack of passion in your business? Where here could you delegate or totally let go of things that are not a turn-on?
    • In my business, play, and money, the area I am faking passion/turn-on is…

      Additional Journaling/Assignments in Videos

    Day 2- Kendal

    Day 2- Addison

    Pre-Recorded Training Day 3- Monetizing EVERYTHING for Profits

    Journaling for Profits

    • List out 5 different funny stories, event, or happenings over the last two weeks that you could use to ignite you to monetize? (Ex. Meaningful conversation, something that brought up negative emotion, something that was inspiring, etc.)
    • Where am I holding myself back from sharing a deeper level of myself in my business? How is this keep me from calling in profits?
    • If there was never anything to lose and I was just being 100% myself in my life and business then what would I be doing, saying, speaking about, or what way would I be acting?

    Additional Exercises and Journaling in Livestream!

    Day 3- Kendal

    Day 3- Addison

    Recorded Global Training

    From Punta Cana, DR