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It's Complicated! - Challenges of Couple-hood Overcome!

Is Your Sex Life Suffering? or MAYBE You Just Want to Expand the Love and Intimacy You Have...

  • q-iconWe are in the honeymoon phase of our relationship, will how will this course help us?

    The honeymoon phase or even prior to it when we are just dating can be a very exciting, romantic phase of relationship. We are in the land of discovery! We feel connected and we are excited about growing together and learning and sharing.

    It’s Complicated Course can help you to discover the deeper intimacies in your sharing and growth so that as you move through this precious phase you can have an established love and connection far greater than what most couple’s experience. Establish practices that will ignite you for years to come and keep you strong.

  • q-iconWe have been together a long time, our relationship has had it's up's and downs, not sure we need help though.

    The large majority of couple’s that participate in It’s Complicated or come to me for private coaching are in this phase. They have been together for 5 to 20+ years. Many things have happened through the years and they have learned how to survive. But is survival all you really want? Or do you want to thrive. It’s Complicated will help you restore the fire from your early years of relationship and ignite a new love and passion that you can only fully enjoy when you have years of intimacy, growth and relationship. Learn skills to rekindle your desire, deepen your intimacy, stop drama, communicate fully and feel understood. It’s Complicated can help you heal the wounds of relationship that happen to us all.

  • q-iconWe are strong in our relationship and have come to a point where we are REALLY just enjoying life. We love to explore the depths of intimacy, play and relating. How can this course help us?

    There is a small group of couple’s who have to a safe and playful pint in their relationship with each other. They have learned how to heal wounds for the most part and have a stable foundation of communication. These couple’s have taken their relationship issues and plateau’s by the horns and discovered ADVENTURE.

    It’s Complicated is a powerful course that can help to further establish the communicate, authentic relating and loving needed for the adventures and for the growth and intimacy that is revealed in these relationship. Gain the expanded skills to deal with anything that might come your way.


Do you have all sorts of questions about sex but don’t know where to turn or who to trust?
Are you in an intimate relationship but feeling like things may be getting rocky or stale?
Are you concerned that this relationship may end the same as your last?
Do you wish you felt more passion in your relationship the way you did in the “honeymoon” phase?

Sex, relationships, marriage.

How do you keep things hot? What about when the fire dies down?
Why do some people manage to sustain a “hot, sexy, full of passion relationship when other’s can’t ?

Learn about good sexual communication and how to overcome the major sexual challenges of couple-hood so you can enjoy a juicy relations NOW and ALWAYS.

Kendal Williams will be covering the biggest sources of misunderstanding  seen  in intimate relationships around sexuality, intimacy and love and will teach you as to why these things happen and what to do about them.

Live Global Training on Facebook in Private Closed Group Setting.

Stop Allowing Average and Ordinary into Your Love Life Any Longer?

In this empowering workshop you will learn how to:

  • Stop the Drama Cycles
  • Speak in Authentic truth and Love WITHOUT FEAR
  • Create More Happiness in Your Relationship and Life
  • Spark Desire
  • Inspire Intimacy

This will be delivered as an intensive 2 hour Intensive VIP Online Workshop. Using conscious lecture, practical exercises and strategies for future.

When you apply what you learn in this class you will:

  • Strengthened Romantic Relationship
  • Learn invaluable communication skills that will help to establish a feeling of trust and love
  • Experience shifts in commitment, desire and intimacy
  • A stronger feeling of unity with mate
  • Expanded personal empowerment

This workshop is intensive, practical and is aimed at men and women who have a deep desire to evolve their sexual relationships and infuse them with commitment, desire, love, trust and intimacy.

Full Course Contents

Here's a break-down of the full contents of our exclusive landing page training course.

  • Kendal’s Top 3 Fav Empowered Couple’s Exercises
  • Over 2 hours of Preliminary Video Course Training
  • 9 Course PDF Downloads
  • 2 Hourse of LIVE Recorded Global Training
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  • Lifetime Access of Course
  • Hidden BONUS Announced
  • BONUS! 90 Minute LIVE Global Q & A
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” You have transformed our relationship! I had no idea what each of us did not know and I feel an enormous sense of relief that we have a foundation to start communicating about intimacy and sex in an open respectful and mature but fun way. Your Couple’s Session was beyond my expectations!” 

Karl & Denise, Denton Texas

" We went through your It's Complicated class with hesitation. Our relationship was in our opinion doing fine but Steve thought we could better. So we signed up and took the class. You provided us with a depth of intimacy we did not even know we were missing and so grateful that we discovered. After 8 yer of marriage we are very excited to see what the next 8, 15 and more have to offer and feel confident that we can make it through the challenges because we now understand things about intimacy, communication and love that we had not prior."

Steve & Cindy V. , Boise, ID

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LIVE 90 Minute Coaching Q & A 

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