Freedom Based Life for Women

Freedom Based Life Coaching for Women 

 “A place for your good girl to get empowered.”

Let’s face it every day life is full of stress. If you are a mother like I am it can seem some days that you are lucky to get your teeth brushed let alone anything else. Add in the stress that many have of relationships that are troubled, financial concerns and pressures, career and any past trauma that may arise at any given moment it is amazing that we can focus on much of anything with out constant emotional or physical upheaval. All of these things when not properly processed in the mental/physical/emotional bodies can all lead to tension and blockages. Preventing us from living the life that God wants for us.  It is extremely important to cleanse, rejuvenate & reactivate positive healing to these zones of discord. 

But How can we do this in a comfortable, easy to manage way?

Freedom based Life Coaching teaches a woman how she can attract the man of his dreams into her life if she desires too.  Freedom Based Living is a structured program that blends Christian values with the holisitic ancient practice of Tantra and gains modern support  from more modern intimacy practices and education for women as well as talk therapy.  Through this merger of therapeutic practices a woman will emerge into self-discovery and truth. She will become free. She will no longer be bound by outer convention or inner doubt. Thus, providing her with a foundation to build her desired life.

This may sound like a dream. It may sound like too much work even or possibly you are wondering if you truly could ever have such a free, empowered state of being without having to sacrifice your current comforts, profession or even relationship status.

Are YOU in fact denying some aspect of YOUR  life expression and power? Let’s find out!

 Is Freedom Based Life Coaching right for you? 

  • Learn how to break your current societal circumstances and embrace your true core being and purpose.
  • Learn how to become a true lover of life and surrender to the flow of your life the way that God planned it.
  • Reconnect yourself to your sexual being.
  • Reconnect to your self-confidence and personal power.
  •  Release unprocessed emotions ( guilt, unworthiness, abandonment, anger, mistrust, etc.)
  • Learn what a man really wants and needs; how to support him lovingly , but with healthy boundaries.
  • Single women who wants to learn the How To’s of  ethical dating/romance*
  • Coupled women who wants to learn the How To’s of rekindling and Igniting the flames*
  • Learn how to play again
  • Learn tantric communication and intimacy skills that will amaze your lover(s) and yourself.
  • Learn how to Expand your Orgasmic State – Become multi orgasmic
  • Learn How to truly Feel Your Partner – emotionally, mentally, spiritually and intimately
  • Overcome Self-Sabotage, Body Image Issues, Limiting Beliefs and Heal Trauma
  • Learn how to overcome Sexual Issues such as: Inability to orgasm, Painful Sex, Sex Addiction, Sexual Shame
  • Learn about your Sacred Romance with God and how it effects you here on earth in your intimate relationships.
If you answered YES to at least one of the above then Freedom Based Life Coaching can help!
Freedom Based Life Coaching gives you the freedom to create the perfect healing blueprint with the guided help and intuition of your coach. In this visionary coaching program you can decide what resonates with you and fits your schedule and budget best. Making it the ideal program option for every woman.  

Freedom Based Life Coaching can consists of some or all that follow:

  • Talk Therapy – Learning how to process through past issues to move forward with ease and grace as the beautiful strong woman that you are.
  • Empowerment Coaching – Development of skills, understanding and education to help support and move you speedily forward into your empowered life.
  • Where Tantra Comes In…

  • Tantric Body – Breath Work and Support –This body based work is designed to help one weave all of life together through the clearing of one’s body. You will learn proper breathing skills, relaxation breath and energy charging breath.  You will learn about how emotion plays a role in your intimate life and healing. Focus will be on education and experiential practices with the guidance of your coach. Presence work, vocalization work and deepening communication skills will all be encompassed.
  • Conscious Action Work – Today we hear a lot about living consciously. Simply put this means being in the present moment. This simple task is one of the hardest skills to master for us humans. Freedom Based Life Coaching will help you develop the skills needed to be present in all areas of your life so that you can command in your dreams through the understanding of the power of your thoughts and emotions to actions.
  • Focus Sessions (Presence Work) – This intense work is among the most powerful in nature. Simple exercises done with your coach will enable you to explore your world, self and desires in a whole new paradigm.
  • Discounts on Local Workshops/Seminars. ( Please see details on each group, as not all apply.)

Some focused coaching can  be applied to:

  • Finding Grace with God – Forgiveness, Boundaries and Faith
  • Relationship Coaching – God, Self, Partner
  • Integrated Communication Coaching – Intimate, Empathetic & Authentic
  • Discover your joy coaching
  • On the path to purpose coaching
  • Abundance Coaching
  • Stress, anxiety, body image and shame coaching
  • Sexual education and support


Program Options that Fit Your Needs!

Choose from or blend: 

  • In office Coaching ( 60 to 90 minutes)
  • Call or Zoom Coaching ( 60 minute sessions)
  • Program Based Coaching for a Full Spectrum Approach

Available in packages:

A) 6 Month Mentorship Program
B) 9 Month Mentorship Program
C) 11 Month MentorshipsProgram

Kendal, I am ready to CLAIM MY LIFE ! Get me registered.

*Payment options are available upon request.

*All Options come with free email coaching.

*Note that ALL coaching and appointments from the moment of your application falls under the strict doctor/patient guidelines. Your privacy is my priority.

*All Sessions- Coaching are invoiced via-email (unless another form has been agreed upon). These sessions are invoiced as Freedom Based Life Coaching or Consulting.

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